One of the largest mosques in the Caucasus opened in the capital of Karachay-Circassia


Today, 14 of December, the main mosque of the capital city Cherkessk was officially opened. The opening ceremony was attended by the head of the Karachay-Circassian Republic Rashid Temrizov, senior officials from the North Caucasus, representatives of the Muslim organizations in the North Caucasus and other guests,- Information agency Ria Karachay-Circassia reports.

“Representatives of different confessions, about 100 nationalities live in peace and harmony in Karachay-Circassia. And, of course, the greatest wealth is our people. I want to express my sincere gratitude, first of all, to all the inhabitants of our republic, believers, to everyone who was waiting for this event. This mosque was actually built by every resident of the republic, someone helped with deed, someone with their prayers,” - Rashid Temrezov said.

The cathedral mosque in Cherkessk is now one of the largest mosques in the North Caucasus. Its area is about 4 thousand square meters. 7 thousand Muslim believers can be here at the same time.

Head of Karachay-Circassia Rashid Temrizov