Researchers of Adygea are preparing an encyclopedia of Circassian artists of Russia and Turkey


A group of researchers from the Republic of Adygea is completing a large three-year project to study the culture of ethnic Circassians (Adyghes) in Turkey "Cultural diffusion of the Circassians of Turkey and Russia: art history and socio-cultural analysis,"- the Soviet Adygea newspaper reports.

The project was implemented with a grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. The team consisted of four people: Professor of the Institute of Arts of the Adygea State University Alla Sokolova and employees of the North Caucasian branch of the Museum of Oriental Art Fatima Suleimanova, Zhanna Kuek and Larisa Khuako.

The project involved three research expeditions. During the project, scientists and art critics managed to study the culture of ethnic Circassians (Adyghes) living in Ankara, Istanbul, Duzca, Samsun, Kayseri, Bodrum and small villages. They communicated with representatives of the Circassian organization "Adyghe Khase", visited art workshops and creative sites. The last expedition ended before the New Year. Scientists are now preparing reports.

The result of the project will be a large encyclopedia of Circassian artists from Turkey and the Russian Federation. It will include about 200 names of artists of Circassian origin with illustrations of their work - about 2000 in total. At first, the encyclopedia will be issued in electronic form, but later the team plans to apply for publication of a paper version.