28.02.2023 - Seminar on Crisis Management and Activating the Role of Circassian Institutions and Initiatives


Topics that will be discussed in the meeting:

• A summary of the work of the Relief Committee for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, which was called for by the Circassian Charity Association and came in coordination between the Circassian institutions and initiatives in Jordan.

• Those with experience in the field of relief, how do they deal with emergency crises, and what advice do they give in order for social work to rise to the level of professionalism?

• Are our Circassian institutions ready for emergency conditions, and how can we enhance coordination and raise the level of performance?

• How can official and international institutions be used to support our institutions and initiatives to develop their services?

The success achieved by our institutions and voluntary initiatives. What is the secret of the success of the solidarity work they are doing and how can work on its continuity and development?

• Getting acquainted with a number of voluntary initiatives and committees working among the members of the Circassian community and its institutions.

The room will also be opened for attendees to give their views on developing performance in crisis management.

Source: Nart Tv, Jordan, Facebook.