At least 150 Circassians were killed as a result of the earthquake in Turkey


According to the Circassian public figure, the head of the "Circassian Congress" in Karachay-Circassia Kase Kik, who now lives in Turkey, about 150 Circassians died during the earthquake in Turkey. According to him, we are talking about those whose names and surnames have been established,- Kavkaz.Realii reports.

According to the representative of the Circassian Crisis Committee of Turkey, Mutlu Mamheg, who helps the affected Circassians in Turkey, the consequences of the earthquake were especially strongly felt in the areas of the cities of Goksun and Marash, where a large number of Circassians live. In total, about 40 Circassian villages were affected during the earthquake. Humanitarian aid collected by Circassians from different countries is delivered and distributed to the affected villages and cities.

In Turkey, there is the largest diaspora of Circassians who ended up there as a result of the Russian-Circassian war of the 19th century. According to various estimates, it has from 5 to 7 million Circassians.

As of February 16, in Turkey, the death toll from earthquakes on February 6 exceeded 41 thousand. More than 4,500 people died in the earthquake in Syria. 

According to the head of "Adyghe Khase" of Syria Hassan Shora, there were no deaths among the Syrian Circassians as a result of the earthquake. According to various estimates, about 150,000 Circassians live in Syria.