"United Circassia" appealed to the parliament of Ukraine to recognize the Circassian genocide


The world council "United Circassia" which was established not long ago appealed to the parliament of Ukraine with a request to recognize the Circassian genocide which was carried out by the Russian Empire in the 19th century. The appeal is signed by the heads of the council.

The "United Circassia" World Council was established in January 2023 and its members are Circassian activists from all over the world. The chairman of the council is Kinan Kaplan who was previously the chairman of the Circassian Democratic Party in Turkey. His deputies: Ebragim Yagan, who was previously the head of the "Khasa" movement in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, Seljuk Bagler, who is a Circassian activist and wrote several books about the legends of the Narts. The secretary of the council is Mustafa Kanbek, a Circassian activist from Turkey.

The Council's reference letter can be read at these links:
In the Turkish language: circassiatimesturkish
in the English language: circassiatimesenglish
In the Russian language: circassiatimesrussian

The website of the World Council "United Circassia" in the Turkish language can be seen through this link: united-circassia.org