Adygea: in 2022, microloans were given to small businesses in the amount of $6.7 million


In the Republic of Adygea, over the past year (2022), microloans were issued to entrepreneurs for a total amount of more than 500 million rubles ($6.7 million). This helped 230 small and medium-sized businesses in the implementation of their business plans, the head of the republic, Murat Kumpilov said.

- Entrepreneurship support is one of the important measures to maintain the stability of the region's economy. Today the government of the Russian Federation gives us a number of tools. Among them is micro-crediting, which we organize through the Entrepreneurship Support Fund of the Republic of Adygea. The microloans issued last year made it possible to create more than 100 and save more than 800 jobs,” Murat Kumpilov commented on his Telegram channel.

The head of Adygea added that the republic will make maximum use of all the opportunities provided by the federal center to support business.