Murat Kumpilov: Historical objects of Adygea must be included in tour routes


Monument Maykop barrow - Oshad

The Head of the Republic of Adygea Murat Kumpilov noted the significant role of the Republican Department for the Protection and Use of Cultural Heritage Objects of Adygea in resolving issues of reconstruction and repair of cultural objects, especially historical monuments, as part of the consistent work of the authorities to restore the historical appearance of the republican capital. The Head's remarks were made during his meeting with the managers of the Department for the Protection and Use of Cultural Heritage.

“You are not only the controlling Department, but also the body that determines the state policy in this area. This work, in addition to preserving history, contributes to the development of the tourist attractiveness of the region. Historical objects must be included in tour routes. We have many beautiful buildings - historical monuments, it is important to restore them. Start designing and repairing. We need to be more proactive in solving these issues,”  Murat Kumpilov said.

In total, there are 4163 objects of cultural heritage in Adygea. Their condition is constantly monitored, violations are revealed, measures are taken to put the monuments in order; the boundaries of the territory and the regime for the use of the territory were approved in relation to 75 identified objects of archaeological heritage.

Maykop barrow - Oshad

The monument is a small white stele depicting an ancient man and seven medallions. Each of them tells about the most interesting finds in the barrow, known in world archeology as "Oshad". The mound was excavated in 1897 by a group of scientists led by N.I. Veselovsky. An archaeological expedition discovered the burial place of a tribal leader dating back to the end of the 3rd millennium BC. e. The height of the burial mound was 11 m, the depth of the burial pit was 10 m. Many gold ornaments found there added to the exposition of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. Author of the Monument: sculptor A.R. Chic - 1972. 

The monument is at the crossroads of Kurganaya street and Podgoranaya street - Maykop, the capital city of thr Republic of Adygea.